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Firefly/Star Wars/Torchwood mash-up
Mal, Han and Jack would have the craaaaziest space adventures! 

I went to a comic book store today, and the guy working there hasn’t seen Firefly.

Isn’t a Firefly quiz part of the hiring process?


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Firefly and a cat. Thanks, internet.

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Jayne Cobb and Jane Austen unite; these people are my heroes.

Just finished the Firefly dress! 

BTW, tumblr followers, if you’re a nerdy lady (or your ladyfriend is) and you’ve admired the dresses I’ve posted (Spiderman 1 and 2, TARDIS, Batman) I would love to make you one! Or if you have anything cool you want made, it wouldn’t hurt to ask. A dress would probably be about $40, including materials and shipping, and besides being limited to whatever fabric is at the stores close to me I would try my best to make anything you want. Plus I can usually get it made and mailed in about a week. Send me a message if you’re interested :)

Heart of Gold

Kaylee: Everybody's got somebody. Wash, tell me I'm pretty.
Wash: Were I unwed, I would take you in a manly fashion.
Kaylee: 'Cause I'm pretty?
Wash: 'Cause you're pretty.

Oh, Summer Glau

Yes, I often reenact Alan Tudyk’s lines from Firefly….



poor kaylee… simon needs to open his eyes.

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