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If you think the coincidences between Lincoln and JFK are crazy, wait til you get a load of the mind boggling coincidences between Paul F Tompkins and Jeff Goldblum!

Paul F Tompkin’s full name is Paul Francis Tompkins
Jeff Goldblum’s full name is Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum
Paul Francis = 11 letters
Jeffrey Lynn = 11 letters
Tompkins = 8 letters
Goldblum = 8 letters
Paul Francis Tompkins = 19 letters
Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum = 19 letters

Both men were born in Pennsylvania

Both men were born in the fall

Both men’s fathers were doctors.

Paul F Tompkins started performing comedy at the age of 17
Jeff Goldblum moved to New York to pursue acting at the age of 17

Paul F Tompkins has 2 degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon
Jeff Goldblum has 2 degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon

Paul F Tompkins has gone on record as loving all Wes Anderson films
Jeff Goldblum has appeared in a Wes Anderson film

Jeff Godlblum has gone on record as loving all PT Anderson films
Paul F Tompkins has appeared in a PT Anderson film.

Paul F Tompkins’ wife Janie Haddad is 5’5” according to imdb
Jeff Godblum’s first wife Patricial Gual is 5’5”

Jeff Goldblum was in the movie “The Fly”
Paul F Tompkins always looks fly in his fancy suits.

Both men will live to be 68yrs old.
Both men will die by ingesting poison.

Paul F Tompkins’ manager is named Jeff
Jeff Goldblum’s manager is named Paul

Paul F Tompkins has a magnificent mustache
Jeff Goldblum’s first child will be named Mustache

In a past life Paul F Tompkins was Abraham Lincoln
In a past life Jeff Goldblum was John F Kennedy

Spooky right??? Is it all just a coincidence or is there a freaky connection between these two? I guess we’ll never know.

Don’t try to double check any of my facts, they’re all true, just trust me.