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Tank Girl & Booga by Warwick Johnson Cadwell / Tumblr


I made a set of Star Wars tarot trumps, love me Tumblr.

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Adventure Time #32 Variant by Nikki Mannino

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Just want to mention that I plan on doing a whole series of these dudes, with hopefully some more surprises in store than just prints. On the off chance that both of these prints (and future breakable dudes) sell out, I will be reprinting a variant of them facing the opposite direction (with a slight change) so that any matchup is possible. I REALLY like making these dudes, and I hope people enjoy them enough to put them in their homes, so that others may imagine the ensuing battle. 

Both of these dudes will be #SDCC exclusives, available at my table at the Nucleus booth (#2743).



Question a Superhero Wearing a High Heel; Get Comic Forum Logic in Response

As you can see I went way negative on the Wonder Woman costume reveal gnashing my teeth and ripping the costume to shreds while burning my bra and screaming about the patriarchy.

Or not.

Hey Wonder Woman you’re wearing those heels because plenty of women think they’re sexy right?

Somedays there’s not enough desk to head and booze to drink.